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Since 1967, history of half century of Wonjin accompanied with the creation of the value of the resourcesWonjin group started from the briquette industry in 1967. To make more abundant lives of the customers, the business areas were gradually expanded to the related businesses such as “oven production, refractories material development, coal mine development, and fuel machine development”, strengthened the inner capacity of the company, and made Wonjin group of today. 

Wonjin group complies with the management ideology of “respect for ethics and morality, management for the co-survival of all employees, and social service through the company”. Through transparent management, we accumulate the trust of the shareholders and the customers, pursue the social justice, we try to develop new technology and provide reasonable price, quality, and service to replay the trust of the customers, and we are fostering our youngsters by establishing Hoyeong scholarship foundation to return the company profit to the society.

For everyone’s tomorrow better than today,Wonjin group has the creation of the value of the resources as the mission and vision of the company. With the world as our stage, we discover the value of the resources, and to utilize them, we continuously research and develop. 

Including refractories material manufacturing, limestone mining, quicklime manufacturing, Ni recovery, energy (briquette, wooden powder) manufacturing, and environment friendly building material manufacturing, Wonjin group is making firm foundation as the material specialized company in various areas. Through the business network and the technology know-how in the group, we promise to continuously create the added value and provide better products and services to the customers. 

Wonjin will always give our effort for tomorrow better than today.

Wonjin Group (KyungDong Worldwide Co.,Ltd.)

Address: (Sanmakdong)39, Sanmakgongdanbuk 4-gil, Yangsan-si, Gyeongsangnam-do Postal Code: 626-120 Website: http://www.wonjin.co.kr

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